Monday, April 18, 2016

Is The Life I see?

I think the muse has begun to stir.

I have 6 chapters of outside editing to finish, but I don't believe that will hinder me. Who knew losing 60+ lbs would wake that wench up?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Teh Cute

On Monday I had started a post but stopped because I was so angry I couldn't form coherent sentences. I opened up Semagic to type up another and realized I failed to post the first one. Ah well, no sense in digging up all that emotional mess again.

So, the CUTE

Little Man Ezra has begun potty training in earnest this time. He started back up all on his own. Of course, Gramma buying him a large pack of Toy Story themed underpants was a big incentive. After a whopping case of diarrhea sabotaged his first attempt, I was willing to wait until he wanted to start up again. We've had a few oopsies, but it's been pretty awesome so far. He's had three nights in a row dry, last night in pants instead of a diaper. He woke up about 6:15 this morning, doing the peepee dance outside the bathroom, occupied by my mother. She let him have the room for a minute so we didn't start the day out wet, PTL. He ran into the bathroom a short while ago hollering, "Mommy! I go poopy!" I was getting up to follow him and heard the explosion. How he managed to get unpants-ed and on the seat beforehand I have no idea. Pulled out the wipes and said, "Okay, let me clean you up".

His response: "Okay, Let's do this."


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

One more thing

I debated bringing my hoodie this morning. I should have listened to my instinct instead of my ninth grade who was anxious to get on the road. I guess it gets hot in here in the afternoon because they have the A/C cranked in here. Not quite cold enough to cause hives but I'm definitely feeling it.

Getting older kind of sucks.

Tuesday 5/7

Sitting in Starbucks, dow testing for Algebra.ntown Fort Worth, waiting for my highschooler to finish his EOC (end of course) for Algebra. He has another on Thursday for World Geography. He's been worried about algebra. Second semester they changed teachers on him and his S2 teacher is not as effective or helpful. He found a few youtube vids that did a better job at explaining. Discovered yesterday that eldest daughter has not been able to complete her oral quizes for Spanish. All freaking semester. Never said anything to me. Now it's too late to fix it. She's utterly failing so she will have at least two more years of Spanish since she has to have 2 years credit.

I'm sleepy and hungry but I don't want to give up my seat at Starbucks. Yes, they have sammies, but I'm not going to pay those kind of prices for stuff I can't eat anyway. I hate mayo used in the excess that these sandwiches always seem to have. I do have an apple in my pack but I'm jonesing for protein.

Hope everyone enroute to Misticon has a safe trip and an awesome time!

Monday, April 22, 2013


Just watched 'Seeking a Friend for the Endof the World'.

Hubby wanted to watch something more than the usual tonight and it was late and he saw this as I surfed through the guide listing. So he falls alseep halfway through and I stayup to watch and sob quietly.

Monday, April 15, 2013


Thoughts and prayers go out to the people in Boston who were injured and the friends and families of those killed. Hopefully the actual people and/or organization(s) behind the bombing will be located and brought to justice.

Monday, April 8, 2013


I don't have any news on the writing front, but I did promise myself I would try to post often. Something I read earlier today combined with an experience my brother is going through prompted this thoughtful post.

The world would be a better place if we left everything in better condition than we found it. Not just the physical , but spiritual and mental. Next time you feel angry or find ugly words trying to escape, swallow them and find something kind or encouraging to say. Or just be silent; better yet, go to a mirror and spew the vileness at your reflection. That way you get to vent but you don't tear someone else down. Also, listen to the words you verbalize. Take them to heart because if you say it to someone else, especially a child, they will.