Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday 5/7

Sitting in Starbucks, dow testing for Algebra.ntown Fort Worth, waiting for my highschooler to finish his EOC (end of course) for Algebra. He has another on Thursday for World Geography. He's been worried about algebra. Second semester they changed teachers on him and his S2 teacher is not as effective or helpful. He found a few youtube vids that did a better job at explaining. Discovered yesterday that eldest daughter has not been able to complete her oral quizes for Spanish. All freaking semester. Never said anything to me. Now it's too late to fix it. She's utterly failing so she will have at least two more years of Spanish since she has to have 2 years credit.

I'm sleepy and hungry but I don't want to give up my seat at Starbucks. Yes, they have sammies, but I'm not going to pay those kind of prices for stuff I can't eat anyway. I hate mayo used in the excess that these sandwiches always seem to have. I do have an apple in my pack but I'm jonesing for protein.

Hope everyone enroute to Misticon has a safe trip and an awesome time!

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