Friday, May 17, 2013

Teh Cute

On Monday I had started a post but stopped because I was so angry I couldn't form coherent sentences. I opened up Semagic to type up another and realized I failed to post the first one. Ah well, no sense in digging up all that emotional mess again.

So, the CUTE

Little Man Ezra has begun potty training in earnest this time. He started back up all on his own. Of course, Gramma buying him a large pack of Toy Story themed underpants was a big incentive. After a whopping case of diarrhea sabotaged his first attempt, I was willing to wait until he wanted to start up again. We've had a few oopsies, but it's been pretty awesome so far. He's had three nights in a row dry, last night in pants instead of a diaper. He woke up about 6:15 this morning, doing the peepee dance outside the bathroom, occupied by my mother. She let him have the room for a minute so we didn't start the day out wet, PTL. He ran into the bathroom a short while ago hollering, "Mommy! I go poopy!" I was getting up to follow him and heard the explosion. How he managed to get unpants-ed and on the seat beforehand I have no idea. Pulled out the wipes and said, "Okay, let me clean you up".

His response: "Okay, Let's do this."


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